Keratoconus: What you always want to know

An keratoconus eye fitted with gas permeable lens

  Keratoconus is a condition where the cornea becomes thinner and becomes cone-shaped.  This corneal protrusion causes blurry vision as the cornea becomes irregular in shape. The progression is usually in the first three decades of life.   Where does keratoconus come from? Most of the patients with keratoconus have history of eye rubbing. There are […]

Keratoconus Have 20/20 Vision?

eye with keratoconus can Have 20/20 Vision

It is often disheartening to learn that one has keratoconus.  It gives a sort of relief though that finally, you know what is going on. Why your vision keeps on getting worse, and why your vision cannot be improved by glasses anymore. According to the American Optometric Association, keratoconus is a vision disorder that occurs when […]

Contact Lens for Keratoconus: Soft Custom Lens vs RGP vs Scleral Lenses

So we know that the corneas of keratoconus become thinner and irregular in shape. The cornea becomes steeper or more curved. How does this relate to vision? When light hits the irregularly thin cornea, light scatters and does not focus correctly on the retina. Irregular astigmatism and nearsightedness make vision blurry. People with keratoconus often cannot see distant things […]

What is Keratoconus?

What is Keratoconus? According to the American Optometric Association, KERATOCONUS is a condition that occurs when the normally round cornea (outer, transparent part of the eye) becomes thin and cone-shaped.  This irregularity prevents the light entering the eye from being focused correctly on the retina which then causes distortion and blurring of vision. “Growing up, parents […]