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Adult & Pediatric Refraction

Blurring of vision is the most common reason why patients go to the clinic for eye check up. There are many causes of blurring of vision, and mostly it is due to the presence of error of refraction (grade of your eye)

Refraction determines the grade of your eye, whether you have farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

  • In the clinic, we perform both regular refraction and cycloplegic refraction.

For children, it is important to perform cycloplegic refraction as their focusing muscles are more active and would sometimes yield an erroneous prescription. Cycloplegics are diagnostic medicines that are placed on the eye to relax the focusing muscles of patients. There are cases wherein cycloplegic refraction is being performed on adults especially when they are involved in a lot of near work and digital device use.

This is just part of our comprehensive eye examination. For cases wherein patient’s vision is not related to simple refractive errors, our optometrists go beyond what is done regularly in optical clinics to rule out other causes.