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Lenses for Digital Devices

The perfect enhanced intermediate vision lens for home and office



Wearers multi-tasking in indoor situations whether at home or at work.

  • Clear vision up to several meters
  • Suitable for small frames
  • No need to put on and off unlike reading glasses
Do You Have Visual Fatigue Syndrome?

Try on virtual color contact lens to find what suits you best:

Special Material


Airwear provides a unique combination of benefits that make it the ideal choice for today’s active lifestyles, and provides the wearer with superior comfort and performance.

Light- Airwear lenses are 43% lighter than standard plastic.

Safer- Airwear lenses are 12x stronger than standard plastic lenses making them virtually unbreakable. In fact, Airwear lenses are tough and durable that NASA uses the same material to construct visors for astronauts.

Especially recommended for: kids, teens, monocular vision, sports wear, rimless and semi-rimless frames

Special Coating

Just as UV light is dangerous to our skin, it’s also dangerous to our eyes. So it’s important that we protect them from UV damage.

UV light affects the front of the eye (cataract formation), while blue light causes damage to the back of the eye (risk of age-related macular degeneration).


Nowadays, there’s an increase in the use of digital devices and modern lighting—such as LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)—most of which emit a high level of blue light. CFLs contain about 25% of harmful blue light and LEDs contain about 35% of harmful blue light. Interestingly, the cooler the white LED, the higher the blue proportion. And by 2020, 90% of all of our light sources are estimated to be LED lighting. So, our exposure to blue light is everywhere and only increasing.




The lenses are clear indoors, get 15 to 21 percent darker outdoors than previous Transitions lenses, and are preferred 2-to-1 over previous-generation Transitions lenses, according to the company. 

These lenses are darker than Signature VII lenses (both indoors and outdoors) for wearers who are light-sensitive indoors and desire a darker lens when driving and outdoors.

Which Transition is for you?

Transitions Signature or Transitions XTRActive?