Vision Improvement in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Steven Johnson Syndrome Steven Johnson Syndrome is a rare, acute, skin reaction in which there are sheet-like skin and mucosal loss accompanied by systemic symptoms. An eye with Steven Johnson will ultimately have dry eyes, trichiasis, corneal scarring and vascularization.

This patient had this condition since he was 9 years old.  Today at his 20’s, he was able to research and saw that scleral contact lenses may give him help from his dry eyes and poor vision. With scleral lens on, he was able to see a clearer 20/50 line, and his vision at near was also greatly improved.

How can scleral lens help in Steven Johnson’s Eye Problems?

1.       VISION. The corneas of patients with SJS are irregular due to the keratinization, the scleral contact lens act as the artificial lens surface which allows light to focus properly.

2.      DRY EYES. Severe dry eye in SJS includes these  mechanisms: (1) aqueous tear deficiency, (2) decreased wettability of corneal surface, and (3) increased evaporation.

3.      PROTECTION.  The scleral lens serves as a protection from the constant rubbing of the eyelid to the cornea.  It can also protect the cornea from the misdirected eyelashes due to the deformation of the lids.



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