Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Prosthetic contact lens is a type of cosmetic lens that is opaque or black underneath and is usually fitted in one eye to cover the eye below it. Unlike regular colored lenses that still allow your natural eye color to be seen, prosthetic lenses completely override the eye’s color.

These lenses are used for patients with scarred eyes due to trauma, non-reactive pupils, light-sensitivity complaints, eyes with incomplete or absent iris, non-seeing eye due to hypermature cataracts, corneal infection, glaucoma or retinal detachment.

How to care for your prosthetic contact lens? Similar to caring for a regular contact lens, this lens needs to be cleaned and disinfected with contact lens solutions only.

No water should come in contact with the lens and the lens case. Note that a contact lens cannot be worn when showering or swimming.

There are different designs of prosthetic contact lenses.  Some may cover the whole coloured portion of the eye, others may have a hole in the middle to maximise any remaining vision, while some may opt to cover the central are with a black circle.   These lenses are usually customised, with the goal of matching the color of the natural eye.  We have to remember though that we can only come as close to the natural eye, but at a very close range, the lens may still not perfectly match your good eye.

It is proven that a prosthetic contact lens can improve the self-confidence of the wearer. We have seen kids excelling in their academics and growing in their social skills after wearing the lens. Adults who are wearing prosthetic contact lenses have also become less conscious and see themselves more positively.  A thorough evaluation is needed to design the most suitable design for you.

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