Do not hide behind dry eyes

Dry eye condition affects many individuals, whether children or adults.   According to the American Optometric Association, 38% of adults suffer from dry eyes, while a Korean Study found 6.6% of children have the said condition.

What causes dry eyes?
Well we can avoid some of these activities such as prolonged gadget use (computer, mobile phones, e-readers, game players), direct exposure of the face to car or room AC’s and fans.  Older age, women who are pregnant or experiencing menopause, taking medications such as decongestants, antihistamines and antidepressants are just some of the reasons why one gets dry eyes.

How will you know if you have dry eyes? 
A person with dry eyes can feel well…. dry eyes (no pun intended), burning sensation, foreign body sensation such as sandy feeling, possible tearing (this is not the normal basic tears), sometimes difficulty to open the eyes in the morning.  In more severe cases, one may feel glare and blurring of vision.  I guess the question is, how to get rid of dry eyes?  Generally, we can only make it better, but not really get rid of it permanently. You can imagine dry eye as an individual going up the mountain, once you are diligent with the dry eye therapy, you are gaining momentum and going up the mountain slowly but surely.  Now that you feel better and that you are about to reach the mountaintop, you become complacent and start skipping your dry eye regimen, this causes you to roll back down the mountain.

Experts in dry eyes released TFOS DEWS II Management and Therapy Report, which discussed the management protocol of dry eyes depending on the severity of the condition.  It ranges from regarding avoiding some environmental factors, dietary modifications, artificial tears, lid hygiene, warm compresses, autologous serums, punctual occlusion, topical antibiotics/steroid use, therapeutic contact lens options, amniotic membrane grafts and oral secretagogues.

Also included in the protocol is the use of MOISTURE CHAMBER SPECTACLES/GOGGLES. These glasses are made to trap moisture which can be beneficial and prevent tear evaporation in dry eye patients.  The difference of moisture chamber spectacle is that a silicon shield or foam is attached to it on the side, thus preventing unwanted air from irritating the eye. Moisture chamber glasses by Ziena and sunglasses 7eye by Panoptx are now available in the Philippines.  To know if you have dry eyes, schedule a dry eye evaluation now.

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