Scleral Contact Lens Fitting in the Philippines

Scleral contact lens fitting is available in the Philippines.  It was not available though in the earlier years.  I have come across one foreign keratoconus blog with a Filipino with keratoconus asking where to get scleral lenses in the Philippines.  He seemed desperate, I tried to reach out but the blog was no longer active.  That was where the idea started.  I used to think that small rigid gas permeable lens is  the answer for all corneal irregularities, now I know I am wrong.

As more literatures are coming out, I realised that scleral lenses are invaluable in managing complicated corneas such as keratoconus, post surgical corneas such as in post LASIK and other post refractive surgery complications and corneal transplants.   These lenses act as band-aids with cushions, vaulting the entire injured or compromised area.  And since the lenses are filled with  saline, these are great too for patients with ocular surface diseases such as dry eyes.  The skirt of the scleral lens lands on the least sensitive part of the eye which is the sclera, that is why patients tolerate scleral lenses more than small rigid gas permeable lenses.  As to the cost, it may be more than what conventional rgp’s would cost, but the outstanding vision and comfort that these lenses provide make it all worth it. When we do scleral contact lens fitting, we do series of tests and fittings before finalising the best fit for you.

How long does a scleral contact lens last?  Well, depends on the progression of the condition as well as how well you clean them.  A safe estimation will be  2 years or so.

We welcome inquiries on scleral contact lens fittings.

Fitovers Polarize Sunglasses Available in the Philippines: Meant to be worn over your eyeglasses

Yep, Fitovers Polarize Sunglasses are available already in the Philippines and so there is no excuse for you to say you cannot wear sunglasses because you have prescription. I saw someone the other day wearing regular sunglasses over his eyeglasses.  I do not know how it worked for him, but the sunglasses kept on dropping, and the eyeglasses with more than half of his eyes were peering out.  And I ask myself, where is sun protection ? No wonder he still squints.  If only I was close enough to talk to him about Fitovers Polarize Sunglasses.    Fitovers Polarize Sunglasses are meant to be worn on top of your eyeglasses. Here are just some of their  advantages:

  1.  These are very helpful for patients who have prescription and do not want to have their lenses made in transitions for economical purposes. So even when they change prescription or change their eyeglasses the next year, they may still use these sunglasses.
  2. Regular transitions lenses do not get dark enough for driving.
  3. Some clip-ons can scratch your eyeglass-frame and lenses.
  4. These are also helpful to cut glare because of the top and side shields, cutting glare from all possible entry points.  Because of this, so many who do not  have prescriptions also enjoy the glare-free feature of Fitovers Polarize Sunglasses.
  5. Fitovers Sunglasses are made with polarized lenses.  Beach lovers, bikers and those who drive love them.

These sunglasses are cool that they sit nicely over your eyeglasses.    It is great for all ages.  Nowadays, one has to be practical in finding the best protection for one’s budget.  Fitovers Polarize Sunglasses come in different sizes and lenses.  Included in this blog is how to know which Fitovers is the best for you.  Protect your eyes from glare and UV rays with Fitovers Polarized Sunglasses!Fitovers Polarized Sunglasses